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Probate and Estate Planning Lawyer in Prescott, Arizona

Wills & Trusts

Both wills and revocable trusts are devices you can use to provide for the distribution of your estate at your death. We can help you decide whether a will or a revocable trust best fits your needs depending on your circumstances.   Both types of documents have their benefits and drawbacks, and with our assistance, we can guide you into choosing the best option.   We can also assist with the revising and amending of wills and trusts that have been drafted by other attorneys or document preparers which are in need of updating. 

Probate Administration

Our office can assist you with your family’s probate needs by making the process understandable and affordable. Our probate administration services include filing an informal or formal probate on your behalf, assisting the personal representative with all aspects of the probate process, including locating professionals (real estate agents, estate liquidators, etc.) to assist with the process.  We can help assist with the inventory of the assets in the estate, and will handle the transferring of property to the beneficiaries of the estate.

Powers of Attorney & Heathcare Directives

We can assist you with create a durable power of attorney for either your healthcare or your finances.  These documents enable you to appoint one or more persons (attorney-in-fact or agent) to manage your financial affairs, property or health care, either now or in the future.  When you create a durable power of attorney for finances, you allow an agent to step in on your behalf to assist you with the payment of bills and the management of your property.  Your healthcare agent makes health related decisions for you, including the type of treatment you should receive, where you should receive that treatment, and whom should be providing that treatment.  You can also give your healthcare agent authority over your mental healthcare needs. 

Living Will

A Living Will is a document that states your wishes regarding whether you desire to have your life prolonged by the use of artificial life support or other heroic measures.   We can help you create a document that states your wishes to your agent regarding the types of end-of-life care that you do or do not want.   We can also advise you on whether to sign other forms, such as “DNR” (Do Not Resuscitate) Forms.   We have Burial Instructions forms available for you as well.

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